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Our trainers features:

  • Welcome to the membership of the American British Center Academy Co.  position as interns and partners in success and we are delighted to ask you many features including:

    • the presence of the person training session with the US-British position becomes so within the family British American Center Electronic and gets a membership ID) ID) has its own fixed.
    • Gets a member of the US-British position for each course attended by the certificates of attendance supported global destinations (US-British position and ...)
    • User information is added to the US-British position of clients database.
    • thus gets its own web page location British American Center is accessible through membership ID and password, contain personal data and can edit and add them.
    • Through personal user data and contact information are informed of special events, presentations and training activities and programs organized by the center on an ongoing basis.
    • Through a web page User can see the courses attended containing the date, name of the program, the coach and the names of participants and their contact information record.
    • It can also through his participation in the website in multiple activities.
    • the opportunity to participate in training programs (evenings and lectures) provided by the US-British position at nominal prices.
    • the opportunity to receive free training programs are set by the US-British position, to attend the User 5 consecutive training programs.
    • British American Center offers consultancy specializing in technical and human resources development across a range of professional consultants in the area, which ensures the provision of the highest quality and the best advice that will raise the quality and efficiency of institutions and individuals through the development of good study and analysis.
    It also offers family counseling about family and parenting relationships,
    Psychological counseling about getting rid of psychological problems in the strongest effective way.
    • Gets a member of the US-British position on a discount of 10% of all fees established courses place for him and his family members. Except for courses that increase the duration for 5 days
    • If the number of training courses attended by about 5 sessions, to be one of the comprehensive courses that increase the duration for 5 days, get a special discount of up to 15% of all fees established courses at the center.
    • In addition to other new features and surprises soon ..

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